New typophile layout?

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Hi guys,

I don't use the forum for a while. I've been centered on other kind of job. More around web design and such. Now that I've thinking on getting back to typography got back!

What is happening with the typophile layout? The older one was better in my point of view. This one doesn't really gets a nice and responsive layout. Sometimes DIVs get on top of each other. Why the complete and sudden change?

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The word “TEMP” ought to be a clue…

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oh oh i see... everything is explained now :)

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Obviously we’re talking “TEMP” in Typophile-time. Which seems to flow slower than regular time, somewhat in-between bullet-time and Fontlab-time ;-)

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Temporary is the new permanent.


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Maybe TEMP stands for something else, like Temperature, or Tibetan Endangered Music Project.

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Or temperamental :D

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Yeah, and everyone knows that hyperlinks are supposed to be blue!

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