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Anyone knows what font is this?

Any ideas?


It's the spitting image of Meta... except for that lower-case a. Hmmm.


Totally agree with skyfein. Was about to say the same while searching for some alternatives. So I guess a manually slanted Meta (or Meta Correspondence to get such a /i, probably not enough bold though) with a custom /a would get you pretty close (if not matching).
Some alternatives: FF Unit (right /i but too much condensed), FF Signa (Condensed), Akko (spurless /a), Neo Sans (rounded), FF Max (spurless /a), Beau Sans (spurless /a, slightly rounded) and a list of "spurless /a" fonts compiled by the amazing guys at Typecache

Thanks for your responses, I find that FF Meta Correpondence Pro (even Web) Bold has a similar D/i, but not so S/e, and definitely "a" (spurless) and "d/n" are completely differents. Maybe customizing any Akko or FF Max... It´s being difficult.