Living on the edge

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Adobe offers free web font service...

I guess if you're going to compete with Google on price, then partnering with them seems sensible. :-)

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"Wf" is right. :-/


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I'm a bit surprised that they named the service Edge Web Fonts when Font Bureau is already in the market with the trademarked name Reading Edge Web Fonts. (Though I see that this is part of a larger Adobe Edge initiative.)

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Ah! Finally I can use Giddyup and Hobo! ;-)

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Ya I saw those too, and thought really golly I get all reto like!!


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"(Though I see that this is part of a larger Adobe Edge initiative.)"

When one takes the reading out of it, doesn't make fonts specifically for the web and uses yellow and black, we don't think anyone will be confused, but thanks ;)

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I don't wonder that it has come to this, since Apple seems determined to reduce Adobe to irrelevance (thanks for the leg up way back when, guys, but screw you now).

After all, if there isn't a single member of the entire Adobe design team who can help me with with “how do I get rid of the freaking spacers on my border font patterns,” the brand is probably doomed anyway.


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Edge is also the name of a Monotype font rendering technology. Also appears to be a Monotype trademark - ruh roh! ;-)

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When you are edging your way in, cutting some slack is good ;-)

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So Si, how much did you pay those replacement officials last night? ;-)

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Ya Si, how much!


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I recall an arguably more important game that took place on 5 February 2006 in the motor city, a game which was also affected by bad calls from "non replacement" refs. Seattle fans were able to move on. I expect given time the Packers fans will be able to move on too.

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Well, I found it amusing to note that some $300 million in sports bets (on one, single game) went south, thanks to Capital's failure to recognize the dignity of Labor. That’s almost as much as Apple stock will lose, once folks realize that it’s all smoke and mirrors…

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Sorry, Si, It was meant to be a humorous remark.

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No worries Chris, I've moved on. :-)

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>since Apple seems determined to reduce Adobe to irrelevance

This is perhaps drifting off topic a bit, but Apple's reducing Flash to irrelevance doesn't really do too much to Adobe's overall dominance of the graphic industry which has me concerned. There is nothing at all to compete with the Creative Suite. There are some individual programs, but nothing even close to the integrated products of the Creative Suite. I've been concerned about Adobe shifting to a subscription model, which I really don't like and will cost me far more than an outright purchase, and the CS6 cloud is the beginning of the shift to a subscription only model. So what choice will any of us have if Adobe becomes an evil empire? Corel?

Far from irrelevant, I'm worried about Adobe already being too relevant to my every day.

And BTW Mr. Daniels, the Packers were TOTALLY ROBBED! It was an uncalled push off and an interception. I think the Packers should sue the Seahawks and NFL to get what lawfully belongs to them.

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Corel? Not anymore: basically, Corel trashed their flagship product starting with Version 11…which is no surprise, since they managed to destroy WordPerfect right out of the chute.

Which is why I am STILL trying to find a working CD of Version 10…which, of course, I will never find. Thanks, guys: you are champs.

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>I think the Packers should sue the Seahawks and NFL to get what lawfully belongs to them.


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-- removed, found the correct thread to post this --

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Now the replacement refs have also "moved on" :-)

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Yep :-)

An interesting article on how Seattle has been at the center of officiating change...

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Meh. Giddyup Thangs ain’t part of the posse. I ain’t dancin’. Giddy Down.

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I've been concerned about ... a subscription model, which I really don't like and will cost me far more than an outright purchase

I'm not sure about that, if you have kept up your upgrades. I expect that when a desktop app becomes only available as a subscription web app, the cost for those who bought desktop licenses will be lower, and the cost for a lot of the users who don't have licenses (or bough a license 15 years ago and never upgraded) will be higher.

I think subscription models for proprietary software are great, because it makes it much easier to compare to the costs of libre software, which is best commercialised on subscription (eg RHAT)

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