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12 & Pate ID

Hello everyone,

Could you please help me to identify the attached fonts. I think there are from two different typefaces..

Thank you all,


"PATE DE": possibly http://Engravers

Engravers seems to be close enough but I think the serifs are a little bit different. I think this is a better image from which I cropped only Pate De. The R is slightly different.
Thank you

"12" is set on a specialized font containing only numbers: http://Numbers Depot by H&FJ

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Yes, there are great numerals in that package.
Thank you a lot!!

It could be http://Sackers Roman (Heavy) a bit emboldened & expanded
I think /R/ & /U/ are the key letters here - the most distinct

It is indeed Sackers Roman Heavy a little bit modified.Thank you Fivos!