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Monospace font

Is this courier?


The left page text is not Courier while the text on the right page it's too small for a positive ID.
Try to upload a better sample: Zoom in just 2 or 3 lines of text.

The left looks like letter-spaced Gill Sans. The right does indeed look like Courier, but fvilanakis is correct. We need a larger specimen to ID.

The sans on the left looks like Avenir to me. I have to agree with previous comments for the "courier-like" font you're after. A bigger sample would be welcome to positively identify this font. If, for instance, they're using the same typewriter as on the website, could be Courier New and the sans Aperçu (even if I really it could be it for the cover, really more like Avenir to me).

Correct. Not Gill. Should have noticed the [M]. But the [S] and [C] don’t quite seem to look like Avenir (at this resolution).

Agree Chris (have also edited my previous post during you're posting yours). You could also check Scottie Cameron's website, there's a sample of the book cover, used as overlay graphics, that looks clearer to me and made me thinking to Avenir. Another solution would be "same fonts as website" so "Aperçu/Courier New" would be the winning pair.