not about type pe se, but about authentisty.

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I am watch a show on PBS about the death toll of the American Civil War.

Rather Ken Burnsian to say the least, which by my book s is not a recommendation.

They show 'reenactments' of a sort, reading letters as if we, the audience, are present at the time they are written, but the letters look old. They were new when the were written for Christ sake. It pisses me off.

Thank you for you patience.


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oh no... where is the edit button for new posts?????


God will forgive my spelling, even if my fellow humans won't.


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It's OK, thank you for sharing.

I love how Typophile is like group therapy for people like me, who watch a movie that's supposed to be taking place in 1925, and freak out when we see somebody reading a London Times with Stanley Morison's 1931 masthead on it.

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Gutenberg's Bible was “new” when it was published. Does this piss you off, as well?

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That is pretty funny.

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I enjoyed the title sequence to Becoming Jane, in which there was a close-up of her (the actress, that is) writing in a very nice and not anachronistic hand.

At least, I think that was the movie and what happened.

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I experience anachronistic shock often: evidently, a great may television art directors never set foot in a library.

And, of course, Dan Rather really should have known about the impossibility of superscripting with a manual typewriter…

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