Gaudier-Brzeska & Ezra Pound

Any information on this would be brilliant. As far as I am aware it is from the cover of a book about Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, published within or shortly after the active period of the artist (the early part of the last century). Everyone is charmed by the A. If this is a full alphabet it would be fantastic to see a complete sample as I am hoping to redraw for a client. Many thanks.


Just as an aside, that style of "A" is often seen as Basque.


Don't know what it is, but looks like it would be pretty easy to redraw just from this sample. Especially if you only need caps and no punctuation.

It could be a good Fontstruct project too.

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Thanks all.

I started drawing this earlier. It is very simple in proportion. I am trying to settle on the weight, which varies with the impression of each name. I quite like how things have softened up as well - filed corners?

Hrant, sounds interesting, care to expand?

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Does this clarify?

A list of similars, unfortunately no matching /A: http://Canaveral, Black Bear, Baltimore Geometric

You may also find interesting the following similar fonts:
Geometric Bold /A/B/E/Z/ are different
Pomodoro /A/E/K/ are different

Chris, thanks I see where I went wrong now.

Some of the above typefaces are very similar - some suggestion that there was a trend for this c. 1880. Can anyone shed any light on this. Nick Curtis perhaps?

Thanks all.

Following on from the link to Baltimore Geometric I decided to look through type specimens from the end of the 1800s, hoping that something similar may have been gathered up by ATF. I’ll let you know how I get on.