Help: Bentley Motors Brand Typeface

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First, I'll apologize for the quality of these images.

I'm looking for the type face used in Bentley Motors brand. It's close to Interstate or Armitage but I don't think it is either.

Note the "O" is almost a circle, the middle prong on the "E" is shorter, the stand on the "R" looks to have a slight curve, and the "B" is not symmetrical as the top appears smaller.

If anyone can take a stab at this I would be grateful.


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Let's enhance the image a bit and remove the deformation:

"BENTLEY" logo must be ITC Blair
while "GUARANTEED" etc looks like Gill Sans

I found it using Find my Font -

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GUARANTEED looks like a falsley extended as well. Does this help?

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These look spot on. Thanks a lot, fvilanakis & Chris Dean.

Excellent work.

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