Creating bitmap screen fonts

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That would be great. Would you mind posting it here in this forum for everybody to see?

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I think what shaolin is referring to is by Matthew Bardram of Atomic Media.
You can find his tip at Skip the goofy intro
and go to "Tutorials", then "Flash 5". It's in the article listing.

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There are two ways to get high-quality screen rendering. The main one these days is hinting, but you can also embed actual bitmaps into TT fonts. (On MacOS you can also have a bitmap suitcase.)

Although most of the industry has taken hinting to heart, I'm still not convinced that it's *always* the way to go. I've been learning VTT, and the one adjective I would use to describe the process of delta-hinting (which is what you really need to match embedded bitmaps in quality) is "unnatural".

Also, if you want the ultimate in on-screen rendering you would go with grayscale bitmaps (handmade ones, not those awful ones generated automatically), and at that point hinting becomes *really* painful.


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I've learned, from reading and listening, that one thing that truly makes a font work for the screen is the 'hinting' of the font. I believe that Microsoft (link below) has a section on this. And, if this doesn't help as much, a friend of mine who designed trebuchet and others, could be of more help. Let me know.

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