Help me please

Hello everybody
First of all I'm really sorry if this is not the right section to post in ,I'm new here ;)
I would really appreciate a help in identifying this font ,it's a Finnish company logo , I am not even sure if this is a font or just a logo made by that particular company but any way thank you all in advance ,I ve tried to use many other methods online and softwares but all failed ,is seems that connected fonts are difficult to recognize .;)



Public service:

I think it’s a custom logo. However, you could find something interesting here:

Thank you for your fast reply
Indeed there is very similar fonts there ;)

It looks like a custom job to me, but take a look at the following similar fonts:
http://Korataki by Ray Larabie (Typodermic), and
http://Sharpedge by Gijs van Roij (free for personal use)

I found them using Find my Font -