Sintesi Sans. Sans meets Serif.

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Ligatures are typographic finesses for connoisseurs and occur where two or more graphemes are joined to a single glyph. They help preventing the gap between characters, which disturb the reading flow. For a long time ligatures have been reserved to old style fonts, but recently they are experiencing a revival also through sans serif typefaces. The font family Sintesi Sans is equipped with a large amount of ligatures, much more complete than the usual combinations between the minuscules “f” “I”, and “l”.

The inadequacy of the modern digital media still does not allow a consequent use of ligatures on all platforms. Thank to an innovative approach Sintesi Sans manages indeed to ensure an almost consistent appearance of the font, in the typographic cultivated artworks on paper as well as on the web and Office applications. This has been made possible through a special metric and kerning strategy, which allows also the use of the elegant, classical form of the minuscule “f” with large arch, which otherwise would still be prerogative of serif fonts.

Sintesi Sans contains also a very complete and specifically tailored range of numberings and arrows.
Worth mentioning is the suitable italic. Thanks to its moderate inclination it may be convenient in more ways than just for emphasizing purposes.
You will find a free trial version of the font Sintesi Sans under

Exhibit typographic knowledge, with Sintesi Sans.

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"Almost consistent" appears to be key here…

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