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I need help identifying a font please!

Hello! New here, I don't really know how it works, I just need some help identifying this font! Thank you.


sorry this is probably the wrong forum, I posted it again in "type ID board", I hope that's ok...

For future reference, please post ID requests on the main Type ID Board:


There is no need to re-post this particular ID. It will be moved for you.

Oh thank you! :| I'm afraid I already did...
Sorry about the mess, I registered last night while I had trouble sleeping but wasn't exactly awake either... :) is there somewhere a site map with forum rules to read?

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Don’t sweat it Alexandra. It’s a common misunderstanding for many new users. Small tip; you may wish to consider using your real name as your screen name. It has been my experience that it tends to give you better respect and responses. And of course, welcome to Typophile!

Thank you! :)