Need a couple of ID's

Actually four ID's, I need both fonts in each image. Thanks!


"Cry Tuff" must be http://Skjald CG by Agfa (now offered by Monotype)

"WISDOM MAN" looks close to http://Charlotte Medium by Michael Gills (Letraset, 1992)

I found it using Find my Font -

Your first sample makes me thinking to Futura. I like also Erbar and Journal Sans but they're not matching either.

Although Skjald is the original name (John F Cummings, 1884) it's clear that Agfa's Skjald is not correct.

What was used was either Ted Keener's' 'Sbeth KGD' or NovelFonts!' 'Scythe'. Since both font makers are long gone, web search is your friend. Or not ...