Typefaces from Canadian Stamps

Okay, here are a few samples for you type gurus. Note that A is much like B, but with chiselled corners a la Gridnik.


PS Why does it always take me 10 tries to upload a graphic? And why does the forum always erase my post the first time? And why doesn’t it recognize PNGs?


These are all very pretty. Until real matches are found
I’ll point you to some fonts of similar flavor. Starting with
Mayo from Fountain.

Any clue of these fonts?
r. stoner

Nasalisation (I think), Bank Gothic Medium and that Bitstream western font which name keeps eluding me. I’ll get back to you after lunch.

Nope, it’s not Nasalization Deluxe Extralite. (My lunch date is gonna kill me).

tried nasalition before. thanx for the fast reaction though. fingers crossed. toni

No luck at T.26 for the space font, and I still can’t remember the name of that Far West font. I can do supplementary research after work, which is in 6 hours or so. Sorry to keep you waiting. :/

I’ve seen the light ;) The Western font is in fact PL Davison Americana, which I momentarily confused with Thunderbird, hence the incorrect Bitstream assumption in my original reply. Still no luck with the NOMAD.

Well, I can’t ID any of the stamp faces, but I thought it was a nice touch to use the Cartier caps for your index letters. How

More rounded ‘A’s in PSY/OPS’s upcoming Armchair Modern,
T26 Aspirin, and T26 Basix.

Those ones are close to B, but they’re all too funky. (not to mention too new; these stamps pre-date digital type) I imagine it to be something more like Eurostile but curvier.

Kent: good catch. :-)


C. Could be based on Theo Ballmer’s designs.
See URW’s version.

Paul — Certainly, those aren’t matches. As I said, I’m
simply offering ideas for alternatives in case you or
others are interested in something similar.

Thanks, Stephen. I really appreciate the effort. Actually, I’m interested in making something similar if no matches can be found. :-)


Well, it’s been about 3 weeks. Maybe it’s time to start
building your own, Paul. Can’t wait to see what you

dates would help. You can surf out the info for any stamp on ArchiviaNet from Canada Post

Alot say lettering engraved by Donald J. Mitchell, then I guess he died and Yves Baril took over. I’m thinking — they are stamps after all any element of them belongs to the crown, the image or illustration often outsourced but it seems everything else was internal.

sometimes a typographer is mentioned but only by designer not font i.e. “Typographed by Paul Arthur”

hope that helps.