Didot numeral weights

I'm using HTF Didot because it has variations on serif weights, but the numerals are funky. Does anyone know if a Linotype-style Didot exists with numerals that correspond to the different HTF weights? Thanks!


Yes that's the version we're using, but we'd like the numerals to be in the Linotype style (see attached). I'm just wondering if these Linotype-style numerals come in different weights like the HTF version (which has different serif weight versions for point sizes varying between 6 and 95).

Do you a budget for having custom matching numerals made?


As far as I know only the HTF version has that attribute*. If you can't find just the right matching numerals do considering having a set** made to your exact specifications, which is the sort of work I do regularly for clients:
hpapazian at gmail dot com

* Which BTW is more than just about serif thickness - it's meant for use at varying point sizes - AKA "optical scaling".

** Although since H&FJ does not allow modification they would have to work as separate fonts.