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blossom font

do anyone of you illuminated know the name of this fantastic type, taken from the streets of milan?
thank you in advance



Flores by Harold Lohner, cutted.

grazie, renko

this "flores" seems similar but is not the same: A and V, for instance, are cut at the top/bottom, and I bears no blossom; in any case thanks a lot


Some history: http://typophile.com/node/65922
Anyway, the differencies you list are easy customisations by whoever made the logo.

Beppe: That’s why I said cutted. The (lowercase) font was just cut at the top of the A and at the bottom of V. Use the lowercase I and cut it at the top: So it has no blossom. Easy as that …

Beppe: At closer inspection I see, that the blossoms of Flores are a little bit different to your sample. So maybe the logo creator was just inspired by Flores and made one for himself …

maybe the logo creator was just inspired by Flores and made one for himself

It could also be that the creator had access to the original typeface, which exists, as the samples gathered show, but apparently not as a digital font.

well, i don't know..
maybe it's just a simple customisation of flores, maybe not;
the logo is something that comes from seventies with its own design, and doesn't seem a blossomy variation of a thirties font like flores appears to be: to me recalls other, more recent decorative designs such as the typefaces once published by letraset or mecanorma; anyway, here is the original picture of the shop sign, which may not add anything to the whole history, but it's a fact


To me the similarities are enough to say that your sample is related to the ones that inspired Flores. If you would like to see another example (this time horizontally compressed) you could look at the sign of "Libreria della Natura" in Corso Magenta.

ok, thanks riccardo
i'll pass there to see it;
i also found in an interesting book on shop signs, industrial/vernacular signs, architectural letterings and so on (http://www.eyemagazine.com/review/article/signs-of-life-under-an-iron-fist, http://www.graphicfront.ro/en/graphicfront-books/hand-drawn-emboss-volum...) that i recently bought, an example in use of this "flores" font, for a shop (i guess in the seventies) somewhere in romania;
the book is really interesting and full of old-times odd materials: it's worth its price, and i suggest it


Very interesting book, indeed. Thank you for the tip.