Need help finding these fonts....

I need help trying to find the fonts in this design..... I can find ones close but not exact. I need to print these today so any help would be appreciated. Thanks


"Somerset" is [[|Malbeck]] by Sudtipos

"VOLLEYBALL" & "Dig PInk!" is [[|Helvetica (Compressed)]]

"HOPE" & "STRENGTH" looks like a stretched [[|SF Collegiate Solid (Bold)]] by ShyFonts Type Foundry

I found them using Find my Font -

Somerset: [[|Malbeck]]
VOLLEYBALL and Dig Pink: [[|Helvetica Compressed]]
COURAGE: close to [[|Old Press]]
HOPE and STRENGTH: similars [[|Hollywood Hills]] (probably the closest I have), [[|Collegiate]], [[|Machine]], [[|Masheen]]

Seven Words. Four Fonts. Three colors. Oh my!

But the heart ball is very nice.