Avant Garde Bold?

Hi - is this font Avant Garde with the spaces in the letters filled in by hand? Or is it available as an actual font? It seems a little bolder than Avant Garde Bold too. Any ideas?
Many thanks


Definitely Avant-Garde (Bold) to me.

It must be Reboard (Bold) by BILLYARGEL FONTS (2007)
(it was available on Dafont.com but I can't find it anymore)

PS: and yes, it is probably based on Avant-Garde (Bold)

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Great. Thanks. Downloading now.

Not filled in by hand: turned to paths and counters removed.

When you say "based on", do you mean it's a rip-off?
If so, please don't promote/download such fonts.