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I would love some critique/feedback on this logotype I'm working on. It's a for a game with themes of retro laundrettes/laundromats. It's worked up from sketches into illustrator, but I haven't been able to put the amount of time I would of like to at the moment. Anything would be great!


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Bugger — just realised I've posted in the wrong board! (First time posting since the updated/temp theme.)

Sorry can this be moved please?

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For future reference, please post ID requests on the main Type ID Board:


The Solved ID Boards are for IDs that have been solved.

There is no need to re-post this particular ID. It will be moved for you.

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Chris, I think this topic should be moved in the Critique section, not the Type-ID Board ;)

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Would you elaborate on the use for this? Size it will appear? Feeling you're trying to convey?

The 'retro' idea is coming across, for sure. Some nice curves in there too.

You could get better legibility from your r if you gave it a little more thick/thin contrast.

The -lab- doesn't have as much sense of a continuous pen stroke as the rest—that could be ok.

Overall the strokes might benefit from standardizing their angle and weight, and the rhythm between them. Or you could go the opposite direction and push the hand-drawn quality, maybe by accentuating the different heights of the ascenders.

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