Bitmapped Fraktur-style "This font is so f***ing metal"


pixel font


Dang, I remember a thread a few months back with a link to a very obnoxious site that had a ton of pixel fonts — some good ones — but I can’t find it, sorry! The navigation forced you to endure a whole Flash dog and pony show in order to view each font. Anybody else know what I’m talking about?

Patty, I know what you’re talking about! We had a whole discussion about horrible flash sites then… but I can’t recall it either!

There was a request a few months (?) ago for a “Blackletter or Fraktur bitmap font”. No one knew the answer at the time — and now it appears in a completely different context: the sample is the answer to that question!
If only I knew where that question originated… and what this is called…

There’s one called Xpaider Gothic, downloadable from I’m not sure it’s exactly the same, though.

Not it’s not — check for example the big swash on the lowercase “s”
in the above sample.