Working title: Aurichalcum

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Here are a few sketches of a font idea that's been harrying me for a while now. I might have to sit down and make it at some point.

It basically started with that a and expanded from there. I see it as an implementation of fraktur-like concepts on a Garalde basis.

The name Aurichalcum is Latin for “brass”, and aims to capture that feeling of “Victorian-style wood-and-brass science fiction engineering” I'm getting from it.

Do you think it has promise? One of the main things that are keeping me from starting the making process is the daunting prospect of kerning that thing once it's done. Is there a good automatic kerning process available? I'm assuming the one included in FontForge doesn't quite cut it...?

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Alright, the contract with MyFonts is in place, so Octant should start selling any day now.

I still have an acute problem with it, though: Wherever it is used on the MyFonts webpage — both in the font sample windows and on my foundry page — neither the kerning nor the ligatures work.

From the website:

On my local machine, in PowerPoint:

Any idea why that would happen?

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(I've started a separate thread for this technical problem:

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The technical problems have been resolved, as far as I can tell. Thus, Octant should be available for purchase within a day or two. Yay!

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Congrats. It's really beautiful.


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Very nice indeed!

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Congrats! Good luck!

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Dear Typophiles,

Octant is now for sale on MyFonts. Yay! :)

Thanks for your support, everyone!

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