Typeface Recommendation to Mix with "Shelby"

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I'm working on a logo for a pop duo band - "Mary and Liv." I was planning on putting "Liv" in Shelby because I love the "L" of that typeface but not so much the "M." I'm not asking you to design this logo for me at all, just looking to see if anyone had a typeface recommendation. :)

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What the hell is wrong with the M? Not edgy enough? How about rotating the W 180°: that would be…well, rather stupid, but definitely different.

Sweet Mother of God: once upon a time, you actually had to know something in order to call yourself a designer. Now, you just proclaim yourself one on the internet, and see it someone buys it.

Okay: I can see some advantages to such an approach. I kinda like the Ring of NickStudmuffin48…

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Please forgive Nick. As for your question, you could look into monoline scripts. Maybe you’ll find something fitting there? It would be hard to find an exact match for proportions and style, but you could try your own hand at an M. Another option is asking Laura herself to draw you a custom variant. That would probably be the best option!

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Edit: hiccup

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Thanks Frank! I appreciate the recommendation. I actually was looking for something to mix with the Shelby typeface with contrast, not something that imitated it! But thanks for the suggestions.

Nick: Please don't troll on my forum posts again.


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Mix how? Serif? Sans? What are you trying to achieve?

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The “hipster traditional” logo style often uses these kind of scripts paired with square or narrow grotesques (Trade Gothic, Knockout etc) or wide slab serifs (Hellenic Wide) center-aligned. In any case, blending in should rarely be the goal when designing a logotype.

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Thanks for your suggestions Frank! I don't want them to blend, I'm just trying update their logo which is currently in Wisdom Script. I've seen it used well a lot but as a logo, it's slant makes it difficult to incorporate into different designs. That's why I wanted to use the Shelby font and find a slab serif that went with it well. I just wasn't finding anything that had a good "M." That's why I was looking for you guys' suggestions. I checked out the Hellenic Wide etc, those are cool but I think the band will want something still a little bit more cosmopolitan and girly. I really appreciate your suggestions though! I'm still on the hunt! :)

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