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Hi typophile mates!

I'm trying to improve this first version of this typeface, called "Limonada" its meaning is litteraly "Lemonade" and was sinesthetically referred as a formal abstraction to lemon shapes (i.e. lemon seed, lemon leaves, and lemon juice drop, etc.)
This weekend I'm very interested in make some correction on this one, so hope somebody can see it with another eye further than just mine ones and give me an opinion.

I'll very thankful in advance.

Kind regards

P.S.: PDF Attached to check it out in a better way.

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PDF File - First version

This second version appointment sheet:

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I like it Pedro.

Bottom of /T/ and /Y/ look rather bare.
Should baseline serif of /f/ (and ligatures) go right instead? Should serif directions of /V/W/Y/ follow the lowercase model?
Bowl of /a/ feels a little out of character to me.
Descenders could use a little more space.

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This is pretty cool. I'd try a double story g and v-shaped y, and try to get more of the AE style A into the A, if you know what I mean. I like your sterling. Why is the zero floating?

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Terminal of /e/ should be more pointy IMO.
I actually liked the informal character of /@/ before the revision (except again the terminal and the shape of the left arc).
/s/ is too wide.

I like that you're being organized in your design. It shows off your dedication. Those corrections all go in the right direction, specially that of raising the tittles.

Para mejorar la legibilidad de una forma es más relevante prestarle atención a la contraforma que concentrarse en la forma misma.

Being conscious of and ‘tweaking’ the inner space of a shape is concentrating on the shape itself, isn't it?

Is "contraforma" a usual term in spanish, or is it a neologism? :-)

Me está gustando bastante, sigue así!

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I like the "a".

I'm trying to decide whether this would look better "fauve" (as it does now) or "polished"... And now I realize this might be a good opportunity to have both versions - call them "Country" and "City". To make the latter I think the key would be modulating the joins (and thinning the serifs).


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Thank you Craig, BTW I have planned fix this messy shapes and I'll have news about 2nd version of this soon, so there I'll seize all this new appointments, specially try another option to bowl of /a/ but it's hard to find another shape to fit on (I really like this version /a/ because fit at least to the concept inspired, but anyway I'm also open to experiment and discover new design possibilities, so I'll try my best for).

/fi/ look better now with its down feet to right (at least according my eye).

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Thank you Dave.

I'm working now in the another /g/ and also I'll try to make a more conservative version of /y/ yes.. but I think leave this kind as alternatative design.. thanks to mention it.. so I really like even more... because this become a very attractive OTF idea. I'll try to do a version close to AE.. if looks well sure I replace the new version.

And about floating zero version is a kind of solution to avoid confusions between the letter /O/o/0 (zero without slash or center pointed version)/. I know this look a little disturbing but wen you running alphanumeric combination this works a little eficiently.. even more than inverted contrast, but I need mor opinions about it.. in fact it's an alternative of zero slash.. and looks aesthetically close to oldstyle so my collegues that yet use this zero version mention no one negative comments or any, because I always finding ways to make more legible and clean versions of each letter and avoid ambiguity meanings.. I know this is not so easy, I appreciate a rational coments about.

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Absolutely agrre with you about pointy version of /e/ and if I do this I must to do on several terminals too in order to keep a formal concordance until most possible be.

About /@/ I'll try how this looks like this version you mention here and after have a good comparision decide wich one works better in small sizes or digital environments, that's the reason of that kind of serif function, but if still workind could be no necesary, but I need test it, thanks to mention, I like the idea of a cleanest version one. Now I notive about width of /s/ really need fix it.

"contraforma" is a term used to be very often on latin grafic desing to refer the opposite to "forma" (closer meaning could be "shape outer space")

So it is, yes, and to be even more specific according previous idea it is not only inner space but also outer space, because a simple stroke involve both out sides, even a close shape like a circle, so is everything out of the shape it self.

Con certeza seguiré, muchas gracias por vuestras valiosas opiniones :)


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