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I am new to this forum and hope you can help me: I am looking for the font that the Wall Street Journal Magazine uses for headlines and Sub-headlines. I already found out that they use Phaistos for some headlines and Verlag for body text. But I could never find the name of the third font they use. Here is a photo of a title page that uses it:

I also attach a rates/specs list that can be downloaded at their Media site.

Note that it is the WSJ-Magazine, not the Journal itself.

Thanks a lot in advance!

WSJ.Magazine_2011_RatesSpecs.pdf79.54 KB
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Posted in the wrong section, can you move the post?
Thank you

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If you look at the properties of the PDF, you can see it’s Austin.

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Very, very fast, so we can leave the post here;-)

But how exactly did you find out?

Thanks a lot!!!

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If you open the PDF with Acrobat or Adobe Reader, in one of the menus (it depends on the system), you will find the "Properties" item and there a "Font" tab that lists all fonts embedded in the document (wording could be a bit different since I’m using the Italian version).

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Very good hint, thank you!

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For future reference, please post ID requests on the main Type ID Board:

The Solved ID Boards are for IDs that have been solved.

There is no need to re-post this particular ID. It will be moved for you.

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You know, with the amount of people that constantly post type IDs in the wrong section you'd think that this forum could just switch it around a bit. It isn't very intuitive with the current setup and I've been confused by it before as well.

Just a thought.

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Chris, this was solved.

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Thanks a lot for your kind suggestion.

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