Brightcove logo

help me id this font. Thanks in advance.


I think it's called Some Actual Type Designer PLEASE Fix My Modulation.

Actually, looking at the "h" you can tell they started with a Real Font and mutilated it.


True: it's the little things that give these hack jobs away…

Agree, don't think it's font too, obviously edited.
For what it's forth, if you need to reproduce it, I would suggest to focus on the /e which I decided to consider as the only letter untouched. You could start, for instance, with Proxima Nova (which has avery similar, if not matching, /e), keeping the /ihcove and recreating all the rest with a /o.

Hi, I'm a designer at Brightcove. The type is fully custom and was done by the identity designer who created the logo. Gotham was his starting point for that, as it is our corporate typeface. You can see the influence in the t, c and e letterforms in particular.

Would you like a type designer to fix it up a bit? For example make the "b" and "g" look as nice as the "h". Also, the straight-to-curve transitions are suffering from a classic problem called the "bone effect".