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We would like to share with the community the release of our lastest project called Neuron.

Neuron is a fresh and modern sans-serif family with a neutral and soft appearance that make it very versatile. Its possibilities are increased not only by the inclusion of true italics but by the coverage of Latin, Central European and Cyrillic characters also. The italic variants have a slight cursive influence but keep their sleekness at the same time.

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I like the Italic!


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sardiez, Who is "we"? Is this "release" available for licensing? Is there a link for this? Is there a link for a home page for the font? Is there a link for a type specimen? I like the font, but your announcement about what is going on is lacking.

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Thanks! nice to read that! We tried hard to make a real italic set but keeping the simplicity of the upright versions.

@J. Tillman:
Thanks for the feedback, sorry about the lack of info. We are Manuel Corradine and Sergio Ramírez (the person writting here) both created this family. Here is a link to its display page on MyFonts if you want to see more. No pdf specimens or special websites have been made yet. Thanks for visiting.


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I like the "u" the left steam is interesting!

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