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First look of Spastha Sans

Hey guys,

Here is the first look of the typeface i am creating. Only caps done. No character spacing done and you can forget about kerning. Just wanted some feedback.
The thickness of strokes of V, W, X, Y is to be increased.
S can do better with some more tweaking.
And the inner curves of characters like B, C, O, Q are not perfectly circular(for the lack of better term) and look jagged.( I have no idea how to change it).

Please inform me if you have any other issues...

Update: The problem of jagged text is more pronounced when using at pt size of 36. The other point sizes also give text which is not very smooth. Why?



I like the "D" and "R", but most of the others are very wobbly.


most of the others are very wobbly.

Are you talking about the letters that have problems( 2nd PDF) or all letters including L, M etc. I didn't understand the term wobbly. How can L by wobbly?


Sorry, I meant the ones with curves. The "L" is great.


@Typogruffer: You should post this on the Release board if you want more feedback:


Do you mean the Critique board?


@Chris dean: But my typeface is miles from release...

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Some advice that helped me get rid of some of my lumpy curves.