Type combinations for a magazine - Scala + ?

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i am tempted to use scala as the main body text for a small magazine fashion supplement, but what would be a good sans for headlines? would verlag work with scala? or should one stick to tried and tested combinations like verlag and miller? any suggestions...?



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Isn't Scala overused? It's about fashion - be a bit adventurous.


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Scala was overused in the 90s, but it has been a while since I've seen it. Maybe it is due for a comeback? But I would be inclined to look around for something fresher.

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You shouldn't go with "tired and tested" [sic]. Rather, you should try and test. Why not upload some PDFs of type combinations?

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Actually less fashion, more lifestyle supplement for a small politics and culture magazine. I would have wanted to try and test, but this one has to happen in a week's time - an experiment more like.
Besides, I have access to very few new typefaces. I see scala used really nicely in Theme magazine. http://www.thememagazine.com/. Would have liked to use Verlag or something similar for headlines, though I am also trying combinations like Fedra Sans Display and Greta Text; Cholla for display with Fedra Text.


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