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Hello fellow typophiles. This is Karv, based on the KLIM logotype. (Later there will be his sister, Kurv, who is a softer and rounder.)

Have a look at the pdf to see the current character set. I intend it to be used for titling and display, and will probably make some juicy ligs. Enjoy!


karv1.1.pdf (19.2 k)

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Ooh, I like it! My one point of concern are V and W. I'm afraid they might be just a bit too unusual, and with the joins coming in as high as they do, the forms feel a bit lopsided to me.

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love yer stuff, kris. it seems that this could be the cure for those who are "all trajaned out." It looks to me like you got it about right, but hopefully some keener eyes will have a look and leave some feedback. I just hafta say that i love that Q!

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Yeah, thanks fella's! I am glad that it looks like a Trajan alternative, as this was a secondary objective. I will post an update as soon as.

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Very good stuff. For me 'H' is to wide, and I agree with Steve about 'V', 'W'. I like your 'K' and 'R'.

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I'm a big fan of your designs, but I don't like this one.

To me the bent vertical serifs are overdone and draw too much attention to themselves. They're like knives that threaten to cut you if you get near them. The bending serifs on the tops of the M, N also seem droopy. And the construction of the AVW distracting. The A also looks too squat. Aside from this, your letters have elegance, but all the showy bits are too distracting for me, without being attractive. I know my reaction is very subjective.

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i agree with william on the V and W issue, whereas i don't mind that construction on the A. it seems to me that the Q is too dark. i'd try to lighten the connection of the curve and the descender.

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I have normalised the intial glyphs, and added some alternates. I have made the serifs on the N and M a little more erect for you William. Ahh, forgot about the Q, sorry Titus, but will get onto it.

karv1.3.pdf (20.4 k)

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Ahh, that karv1.3 pdf is all screwy, sorry folks! Will make a new one soon

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here is the real deal:

karv1.4.pdf (25.6 k)

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Your new, regularized version is beautiful. I don't know that you had to go so far in totally eliminating the spikes on your vertical serifs and the square to thin joins of AVW.

Another interesting effort on a 'Forum' style of caps is the Garda series by Mario Feliciano. Here he has serveral variations. I guess you could consider something similar.

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ps clicking the 'character set' option on Feliciano's site, I see that he has also added new alternatives within each style. That also makes good sense in a titling face...

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Some of your new alternatives looks very good to me. New "K" and "R" with the first version of "Q" are perfect. You should look for the alternative tail in "Q" to your shorter "K" and "R"
I don't think that your new alternatives "M" and "Y" is a good idea.
Please check out the "AMNVW" in New Aster Medium
Check out the "Y" in Book Antiqua too.
The "H" is better :-)
The "A" still needs work. May be there is a problem with the horizontal position of the bar in A, may be you shoud change a little bit the shape of the bar in the "A" and "H"...

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