How to get true Hungarian umlauts in Type 1 Bembo in MS Word 2010

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How to get true Hungarian umlauts in Type 1 Bembo in MS Word 2010

I'm using a Type1 Bembo in MS Word 2010 and I need to set the lower case "o" with Hungarian umlauts. Can this be accomplished? I have the Expert Set and the SmallCaps set, but neither of those contains the character I need.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Hungarian umlaut looks like a double acute accent.

Not directly, no. Hungarian is a central European language whose particular accented letters are not supported in a "standard" single-byte Type 1 font.

Ways to do it:

- the accent is included in your base font, just not the combined letter plus accent. So if you don't have many occurrences of it, and your application supports manual kerning, you could enter the base character and the accent separately and use manual kerning to move the accent over the letter. Word's kerning controls are pretty crude, however, so this may not work very well.

- see if there is a separate CE-encoded version of the Type 1 font. It would have a name like "Bembo CE" most likely.

- see if there is an OpenType or TrueType version of the font that supports Hungarian (and likely other CE languages).



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If you can't find a CE version, and if Thomas's kerning suggestion is too cumbersome, consider having the character(s) you need added to the font (assuming it's from Adobe, or another font house that permits modification). Many people on Typophile have experience doing that sort of thing, including yours truly: hpapazian at gmail dot com


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I thought I'd check character availability, and I found that in the version of Bembo from Monotype Imaging, at least in the Volume 1 product, those desired characters are indeed absent.

and proceed to the character map, then select the appropriate Unicode range.

And, I'm sad to say, Aldine 401 doesn't have them either.

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This one should work for you.