Please help me identify the font used for the 'U' on this mug from a recent Doctor Who episode.

This is a link to a picture of the mug, which has "MUG" written on it. I think I have found the fonts for the 'M' and the 'G' (although I would love some validation based on what you think), but I am really interested in the 'U' font, which I have been unable to find. Thanks for your help and here's the link.
If you click the picture and then the 'High-res' link, there is a bigger picture.
I have also attached a slightly cleaned-up version of just the U, but it is pretty small.


Cannot find a current source for this.
Dover Publications-Dan X Solo/Houdini-Regular
From Solopaedia: "Not to be confused with a) The Solotype Houdini and Houdini Shadow as found on myfonts, which is a plain woodfont, or with the Houdini found on the Dover/Solo CD pack, which is a Stars and Stripes version of a different wood font. "

Good job Dick, I think I found also /M/ & /G/:

"M": http://Rosewood Std by Adobe
"U": Houdini Digitized by Dan X. Solo.
"G": http://Romantiques - (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2002

and the mug looks probably like the picture bellow:

I found them using Find my Font -

Luckily I didn't see the other photo first... small and gory. Good software and good work, Fivos.

Thank you for your help everyone!