Pair of fonts used in game interface

Hi everyone :)

Just registered here to ask you all if anyone is able to identify these fonts. I used the first one a year or two back, the second about 2-3 years back for a custom interface in a game. Unfortunately I can't find any records of them as I appear to have lost the files.

I do happen to have a 1080p video that I'd recorded at that time, and I've screenshotted as much as I could of the fonts into one image. Some lines were very small (hence the low quality) but hopefully it's enough!

I have a hunch I found the second one on a fonts website under the Sci-Fi category or similar (I may be just making this up, I don't remember for sure).

Transcripts are under the images that show exactly what they say (including correct case).


Shadow Orb x3!
+256 Mana [3 Hits]
(Allenda) +1517 <84> [10 Hits]

As you can see, the uppercase/lowercase shapes look all mixed up. The numbers look fairly normal. That "r" in "Orb" has a bit of a funny leg though.


From left to right:

(Cheri) +0 <812>
(Cheri) +0 <2248>

+223 Mana

Pet 697 <78 resisted>
1208 <134 resisted>
+0 <2477> (Nokgup) (3 Hits)

[Ancestral Fortitude]
-[Shadow Resistance Aura]
-[Moonkin Aura]
(Chopbuster) +10126

This font I can't find at all!! A few things which stand out to me over similar fonts:

  • Tiny <> brackets in this font
  • The "3" has a sharp-angled top (whatever they're called in the font community)
  • The "9" has a larger hole in the middle than the gap at the bottom. Many similar fonts have these spaces equal and basically have a backwards "E" shape.
  • The capital "C" curls up a little at the bottom.
  • The "b", "p" and "u" letters have a little pixel gap between the main line and the connecting curve, where the curved line appears to continue in a circle shape. Other fonts tend to have this line connecting at right angles without this tiny gap.
  • The tail on the lowercase "g" doesn't appear to curl all the way under.
  • The "k" shape is fairly unique. I have been using that "Nokgup" image to compare similar fonts and there's usually a difference there.

A couple of similar fonts I've found are:

  • Handel Gothic (BT). This doesn't have the "C" curling and the "e" is wrong. Letters are a little too high I think too, the one I used was more squashed down.
  • Cable. This one has a closer "e" but a lot of the points mentioned above don't fit, and looking at the capital "S" in particular, the font I'm looking for is a lot more squished down vertically.

Sorry about the long post, I figured more info was better than less :) Hopefully this isn't too much of a challenge for the pros!


Seems close except for size of /s. Written as /Shadow Orb x3! And /r has a somewhat "funny leg" Dasklem/CDansLair

#2 must be http://Sui Generis by Typodermic

I found it using Find my Font -

#1 looks to me like http://Mono Alphabet free font by Manfred Klein

Thank you both!

Unbelievable, those are spot on!! The names sound familiar now. I honestly didn't think I would ever find them, I'll make sure I write these down.

Thanks again :)