ID this font from a picture

I'd be thrilled if someone can tell me what this font is (see attached). There are two fonts pictured; the one I'm interested in is featured in the words "Donuts," "Dads," and "Thursday September 27."

Thanks so much!


I searched a few categories at Dafont, with no luck, because I thought it might have had a 'freebie' feel about it. Then I searched through some of the fonts of the lettering artist, the late Bob Alonso, and found Alonso Flair and Crescent. Neither of these is exactly the same, but they have a similar feeling, I think.

- Mike Yanega

You were on the right track. It seems to be a free font called ‘Crazy Harold’.

Yes, R. and the font was done by Harold Lohner based on a typeface by the same name shown in "Modern Display Alphabets" by Paul E. Kennedy (Dover Books, 1974).

I wonder if Harold meant for this to be a free font?

- Mike Yanega

Probably he didn’t, but I was unaware of the background (thanks for providing it!). So, please don’t download it for free. Buy it here.