Help identify these 2 fonts


I've been trying to figure out which font is this, but I still did not have success, not courier nor fixedsys (ident01.png). The characters which were key to realized this were "4" and "0" (zero).

I have also another image which I would like to discover which font is this, maybe some of those Courier's, since its "4" is different from the other image. See ident02.png

Thanks!! :)


These look like built-in printer fonts to me. I don't think you will find this, unless someone has made a digital version, similar to the way FontFont has their "Ironic" category fonts, which are imitations of other lettering technologies.

- Mike Yanega

Exactly, they're from these thermal printers. I thought they'd use a specific font, but it seems it's not the case. :(

Anyway, thank you!

Second image. Pretty close except for the 4: Ross, S John/Merchant Copy Doublesize