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Do you know what this font is?

I need help finding out what font is this?


What do you mean exactly? The font that this handwritting tries to reproduce or... this handwritting? Because it is handwritten...

EDIT: Agree Jan. Also sorry to post useless question (mods, if any, feel free to delete this post) as, you're perfectly right, this was obvious it has been done by hand... But we never know as many requests here are done by people who want to find the font behind every lettering. Damned electronic ages!
For the record, I had also Monotype Script in mind...

Sorry about that I didn't have the original but now I do.

I think it’s obvious that this is not a font but a tracing done by hand.
The initial font should be Monotype Script.


Ryuk, I wasn’t commenting on your post. We posted simultaniously.