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A modest and simple design, not much flair. Minimalistic. One of the most toned down faces I have done recently. As always all criticism welcome.

full pdf specimen

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The bottom-right of the "a" holds promise.


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Yes, there is something there, isn't there? The bottom of the element is raised off the baseline, same with the b and d, and the corresponding element on the p and q are set below x height. I didn't know if it could really work, but then someone posted about Serif Gothic and I noticed that it did it as well.

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I wouldn't call it BASEsans

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Top right of |s| is too long.

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Thanks eliason, I'll have to find another name.

Thanks, ricardO, you're right about that s.


I'm thinking about switching to circular tittles, thoughts?

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No, I only came across that yesterday. I was trying to figure out someway to suggest an element there without really having one. You can see my other experiments with this in the b, d, p and q. I think actually I may make the a look more like the d. I'll post some close up pics later.

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I think I may make the a like the other curves pictured here.

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