Letterspacing Crit

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Please let me know what you'd change here in terms of letterspacing:


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I might move T and H a smidgeon closer to one another, for a display setting like this.
But if this is the way the font is spaced by default, it’s fine.

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Grab LTHY and move them closer to A. Grab HY and move it closer to T.

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Thanks. I'm working with tracking increments of ±25 but if I decide to go finer I'll tighten the "TH".

BTW as you can see it's Times, and at least the version on my system needs a good deal of help when set in all-caps.


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Ahhh, Times New Roman, the most neutral face of our times..

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What is the final size and application?

If it is 24pt or less I would be inclined to open it slightly, using EAL as the basis. On my screen it appears at 18mm cap height at that size I would tighten TH by a gnat’s as Nick suggested and possibly EA by two gnat’s.


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A gnat more space between H and E?

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Is a gnat more or less than a hair? :-)

Seriously: It sounds like I'll have to move down to increments of 10.


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While it appears superficially that the T and H should be closer, my initial impression was that everything was right. So I'd be hesitant to pit a judgment focusing on the appearance of an individual combination instead of the font as a whole.

Of course, in any case, correct letterspacing is much more critical in the lowercase.

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