Font for the MedSIN logo (sans-serif, Gil Sans / Freight Sans - like)

Hi all,

I'm currently a publications officer with Medsin having returned to uni to study medicine (and escape design!). Unfortunatley, I need to recreate the logo and the main office don't seem to be able to tell me what their font is (or in fact have any high resolution versions of their logo for that matter... meh!).

Any ideas? It would be great to know what both the logo font and the "global health, local issue" text are if possible. You can see it here, at the top of their site.

Thanks in advance for your help and for being such a great resource!



Part of the /d (which could have been easily modified), "me(d)sin" looks pretty close to Myriad (may be Semi-Condensed Black). There are also Expressway and Intersate which have the right /d but look (far) less close for the rest.
The baseline is small but considering small details (spurless /G and /C finials) and that all work should have been done with "free" materials, I guess Arial would get you pretty close (if not matching).

The sloped ascender of the d let me think of those Interstate-fonts as FF Interstate, PF Highway Sans, Blue Highway, Expressway. SAA … But none of them seem to be it.

Edit: Late …


Definitely looks like Myriad Semi-Condensed Black to me (and, like you say, with some extra editing on the 'd'). Thanks again for the quick response!