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I have recently graduated from university, studying Graphic Design. I have created a blog with some of my designs to exhibit some of my skills.

Here is my blog:

I would love for some feedback on my work. I am open to any form of criticism.

I thank you for taking time to read this


Karl Stange's picture

The blog layout is nice and clean, which I personally like. Your poster, print and infographics work looks great; I am reminded of a recent Gestalten book, Echoes of the Future: Rational Graphic Design and Illustration. It looks like a very promising start.

Munya Chidakwa's picture

Thanks Karl. I will look into that book. Thanks for the feedback.

Karl Stange's picture

I will look into that book.

If you are currently based in London you can check it out in Magma, I know that they currently have it on display in the Covent Garden branch.

hrant's picture

Maybe reduce the background from pure white to a very light gray.


timd's picture

I would consider not setting the descriptions of the briefs all in uppercase.

In your infographics project you need to align the figure icons.

In the interviews for the Perfect Brief, there is something strange happening with the text, the lowercase r appears smaller than the x-height. You might also try a narrower measure and/or ranging the text left. There are also some spelling errors in the flow chart which do not give a good impression.

I would also edit the illustrations section.

Overall there are some strong graphics, but I think weeding out some of the weaker work would serve you better.


Joshua Langman's picture

The r quirk in the interviews is an idiosyncrasy of Helvetica's on-screen hinting.

I too would consider maybe using a different color for the briefs, instead of all caps.

It seems a bit strange to me to do a portfolio in the form of a blog, with comments etc. I would try to disable some of the bloggier features of Wordpress. Also, you should get your own URL that doesn't say Wordpress.

All that said, I do really like some of your work, particularly the layouts in the project on poverty.

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