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Gustavo Ferreira's picture
Joined: 2 Jun 2002 - 6:38pm

hi everybody,

my name is gustavo ferreira, 24, product & graphic design student at the esdi, rio de janeiro, brazil.

i discovered this typography forum a week ago, when i was searching for information on bitmap-fonts… and i found it fantastic, i always wanted to have this kind of space to discuss work still in progress…

so, i’m finally placing something here: this font is called ‘gentileza’ and is inpired by writings of a wandering ‘prophet’ in some walls in rio. the prophet’s name, gentileza, means kindness; all his messages were about living as brothers, loving one another a.s.o…

the normal font is based on a photographic reproduction of one of his walls; the italics, on a sample of his hand-drawn lettering. the numbers, punctuation and some characters (k, w, y) were artificially generated with pieces of other letters.

so, enough talking, here they are:



Richard Wikstrom's picture
Joined: 8 Mar 2002 - 2:35am

I’m not sure I like the normal version, but the italic is loveable!

tyler galloway's picture
Joined: 24 May 2002 - 1:07pm

i’m kind of a sucker for really eccentric handwriting, and a personal feel is a welcome change from so much cold digitally-based design stuff these days. this definitely conveys an interesting personality.

Gustavo Ferreira's picture
Joined: 2 Jun 2002 - 6:38pm

thanks for the comments…

this post is just to complement the information i provided before about this font…

as i said, this font is a tribute to the prophet gentileza, the old man shown on the picture below…


he used to write his messages with a brush on the walls with in a certain color scheme, creating a style which became his mark.

Victor Yb Delgado Revueltas's picture
Joined: 18 Dec 2002 - 9:53am

Hey I just LOOVE this alphabet! This is exactly the kind of typography that is currently seen as out of fashion? not very useful? not functional? in short: it’s too human for its own baseline!
It’s a pity that with so few responses to these fonts’ posts, designers sometimes foolishly sway into the tricky realms of the “hip” (read pix or “extreme” fonts).
10000 thumbs up, you had to be from latinamerica, pal.

Go and release this letters commercially right now (needs some tips? send me an email) and make some money for your good taste.