Emigre's Vendetta

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I'm a big fan of Emigre's Vendetta, its ciselled look and calligraphic/venitian touch. I'm working on a project where I might get to used it and I would like to get a nice compagnon/s for it to be used for display, graphics, but eventually also captions and short text... maybe a geometric sans to contrast Vendetta but I'm very open

I came across two examples that i thought were interesting (slabs in this case) but once I've put them next to each other it didn't really drive me crazy. Moreover I haven't found available fonts close to them. I'm attaching previews if you don't feel like navigating away:

1) Mark Bally's Oberland http://www.marcbally.ch/oberland-slab-light/
2) and an exercise i found here http://friendsoftype.com/2010/12/yachts/

Aside from Vendetta matching issues, I would be happy to know about available fonts similar to Oberland Slab and On the Rag

Thanks for the help!

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I think you'll have trouble making two fonts of this character work together.

But/so please do keep us/me posted.


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