Recommendations on hand-written typefaces?

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Hey everyone,

I've been doing a year long typography project, and my limited selection of typefaces is making the project feel stale and laborious. I need some fresh typefaces!

I am particularly drawn to hand-written typefaces. Not script, so much... but anything that looks like it was written by hand. Fun, playful, fresh, etc... these are words I am drawn to.

Do you have any recommendations that aren't going to break the bank?

Look forward to hearing your responses.. thanks!


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If it's a typography project, honor it by using fonts that don't look handwritten.

Also, what you're drawn to isn't unimportant, but consider who it's for. Just yourself?


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I like Rollerscript by Nick Cooke.

I should ask, what kind of handwriting? And why are you using type instead of the real thing?

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I'm basically fusing a quote with an image, every day for an entire year. It's quite a lot of images so I'm looking to expand my type collection. After nearly 300 images.. I'm hoping to bring some freshness!

I'm not really looking for hand-writing, per se... just something to add some flavor. It's a personal project so there is not really an audience exactly. Some of the quotes are more playful or light though... so a typeface that reflects that would be great! (I assumed hand-written... but I'm open to other suggestions).

I've enclosed a few basic examples of typefaces I thought reflected this 'feel'. I'll post them in type ID ... but if you have any other suggestions -- it would be much appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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Hi Jason,
Check out some of the categories at this site —


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I like the Dear Joe fonts from JoeBob


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Blado, all lower case.

The effect of using a foundry text type in display is that of the blow-up, a graphic effect which enhances the roughness of the image—the same effect as that of using a “hand-written” face. There is something of the objet trouvé in this, which gives it an artistic quality.

The no-caps setting, which was a popular concept in the 1950s, further serves to distance the setting from a commercial title or headline; there is something poetic in this, in the manner of cummings, and something modern, in the manner of Bayer.

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I think what you're looking for are closer to the keyword 'brush' than 'hand-written'. if you've got some time, have a go at with some paint, its quite fun. good luck.

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