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HELP Please Identifying Recent Modern Hand Written Cursive Font.

I am in desperate need of the FONT at the very bottom of this page - the "Thanks" - by pego'


I would appreciate very much if anybody can help with the name of this FONT and/or URL or even a very very similar FONT for a Wordpress Theme project I'm working on, and after over 1 wk of searching, I have yet to find something so recent/stylish or even close.

I'm sure I can return the favor!

Thank you for you're time and help in advance.

Kindest Regards,


This Designer 'pego' uses the same font on other Thumbnails & Preview Banners of his other HTML & Wordpress Themes, you'll see when you check out the link.

I have searched everywhere with "What Font Is This" and other image uploading font finding services for hours on end with no luck!

Looking forward to someone that has this font in their collection and can name the font/foundry/URL