Monotype's SkyFonts Service Enables Font Rentals

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Have you ever eyed a typeface for a specific job but were hesitant to purchase because you knew you wouldn’t have much use for it with future projects or clients? Have you ever been burned by a font purchase because it looked better on the website where you purchased it than it did in your document? If you’re only going to use for a short period of time, or want to take the plunge with a font before you try it in your design doc, try SkyFonts by Monotype Imaging, a beta service that enables users to try thousands of fonts for free within any desktop application and rent selected fonts for as long as they’re needed.

Monotype Imaging’s beta SkyFonts™ service expands creative freedom through cloud-based, rental access to fully functional fonts. Users are able to try thousands of fonts for free within any desktop application and rent selected fonts for as long as they’re needed.

Based on patent-pending technology, SkyFonts consists of a system extension, which runs in the background of Macintosh® or Windows® machines to activate and deactivate OpenType® fonts downloaded from the SkyFonts portal. Users are able to see and select from thousands of Monotype® typefaces listed on the portal. More than 1,500 fonts from the company’s Monotype, Linotype®, ITC® and Bitstream® libraries are available during beta, with more fonts to be added over time. Rented fonts can sync automatically to up to five machines registered to a single SkyFonts account.

The SkyFonts service operates on a credit-based system, whereby credits are used to rent fonts on a daily or monthly basis. Users can also try fonts for free for five minutes. When the trial or rental period expires or if the fonts are not renewed, they’re removed automatically from the user’s system. Beta participants will receive credits free of charge that will expire at the conclusion of the beta, at which point SkyFonts credits will be available for purchase. Pricing information will be released in the coming months.

To be among the first to experience SkyFonts and provide feedback, please visit Over the coming weeks, Monotype intends to steadily add more participants into the beta program. Detailed information on SkyFonts and the beta program, in addition to frequently asked questions, are available at

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