roman-antique - letterpress fonts?

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anyone know a typeface that would look like a paragraph blown up from a dictionary!?
want a letterpress/antique feel font with an italic and bold

the best i have found is Roman Antique but it doesnt have a Bold

thanks guys!

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Sorry, but: when is the last time you looked at a dictionary? :-)
Or do you mean the first dictionary ever printed? :-)


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You may find interesting the work of Gilles Le Corre. He has some great antique revival fonts that I hope could fit your needs.

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How about the Fell revival fonts by Igino Marini, e.g. IM Fell English Pro.

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Guys, how about a font with a large x-height like would actually be used in a dictionary?

I guess what I'm getting at is: how much of this is about authenticity versus merely the perceptions of people who don't read print (or read, period) anymore?


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Samuel Johnson's 1755 dictionary--the granddaddy of all English Dictionaries, if not the first--was printed with a type that resembles Caslon.

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thanks guys! really like the work Gilles Le Corre
is there anything out there thats a bit more contemporary?


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How about Collins using custom Fedra Sans and Serif?

click on next page for Serif.

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