(x) hand-lettered sans on architectural plan - various (gang}

I am particularly looking for the distinctive’F’ and ‘R’..

any font that woud resemble this hand lettering would be ideal .

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



Some of the Frank Lloyd Wright fonts at P22 might do, especially ‘Terra Cotta’.

thanks for the compliments. Ryan, it’s the downside of typing all day and using a pen to only jot down small things :-(

kemie, wow thats as close as I have found. thank you. your site is quite the gem. I only wish I had found that a day earlier. I have already begun making the font from this drawing . I particularly like the curvy nature of the descenders in the drawing. I am also having some narrow kerning to resemble the actual nature of the ink on linen drawing. When viewing the actual drawings you can see the very subtle fine weave in the surface of the ink. I will share as I have something workable.

Not really that close, but maybe a nice alternate, nonetheless, ‘Atlas Of The Magi’, by S John Ross..

Thanks for the tip.. The Terra Cotta Alternate looks as close as I have found. I had seen this before but could not remember the Foundry.

David, thank you for the link as well some interesting ‘alien’ fonts and the paving pattern may prove useful in the future.

Perhaps I reaaly should unearth my old copy of Fontographer.. Although I never could get ligatures to work for me… probably just need to read the manual.

Thanks again.. and in advance.. in case soemone finds another alternate.


I still think Terracotta may be the closest I have found, but just for comparison, other Architect lettering would include: G&G from Woodside Graphics; Architectural Lettering from Outside the Line fonts (love that name); Architect from the Australian Type Foundry; Strongs Draughtsman from Nick’s Fonts (this is extremely close to the feeling of your sample, but a bit ‘cuter’ in certain touches, IMHO); there are also the more familiar Engineering styles like Blueprint, Stylus, Tekton and Graphite, which I have not linked. There is also the drafting face included with the House Neutraface set, but you have to buy the whole set to get it, and it is not as expressive, or antique-looking as yours.

I would say the choice is between Strongs Draughtsman or Terracotta, from the fonts I was able to find.

Another nice blue print face is Neutraface Drafting

May I suggest my own Montreal Architect? It’s quite similar:


Kemie, your site and work is lovely!

Hear, hear!
(In other words: I think so, too).

Kemie, your own handwriting font is a very nice alternative to the droves of secondrate handwriting fonts — so sorry to hear it’s gone downhill from there. :-)