Typo ID needed

Hello guys!

I'm looking to identify this typeface and find out whether is is available in digital format for purchase or not.
thank you for your help identifying it.



Type-o-Tones in Barcelona, Barjau, Joan/Tschicholina
Don't see the upright E or OSF numbers, otherwise looks right.I don't see current source.

Take also a look at Architype Tschichold by "The Foundry"
(capital |E| and OSF Digits are also included)

Here is an extract from their site

Architype Tschichold is a faithful rendering of Jan Tschichold's 1929 experimental alphabet which was influenced by Bayer's single-alphabet. His design was never put into production. This re-creates his original geometrically constructed design, including some phonetic characters.

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Thank you guys!
That's exactly what I needed. Funny Cicciolina found her way into this post :)