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NEED THIS FONT ID'D. have run out of ideas. $25 paypal to anyone that ID this thing exactly.


i am determined to figure out what this font is. it is somewhat possible it is a unique font to whoever used it. but if anyone can ID this font exactly, i will paypal them $25 for their troubles. please take a look and let me know. it looks like BODONI with hints of DIDOT.


thank you



What is the source of the image? Many fashion magazines have custom fonts.

not sure. this was found on a blog with no credit given.

This is the magazine:
Faux Semplant by Panos Yiapanis for Vogue Hommes International #12:

PS: It's probably a font by François Rappo

Can be wrong but I guess it should be Didot for Vogue, designed exclusively by Jonathan Hoefler for Vogue International.
The best alternative would probably to go with http://Didot (Didot Light Roman 96pt Master) by Hoefler and Frere-Jones, this one available to buy and also designed by Jonathan Hoefler.

Vogue Didot from Photolettering is a match. I believe it is a Type 1 font.

Might also be worth checking out the new 2012 version of CBS Didot.

Volterra in myfonts.....