"Público" swash

Hi, any ideas what might be this swashy font? (used in "Público" newspaper) Thanks in advance!


I would assume that this is a custom expansion of the Publico family. The Banner Ultra Italic cut comes reasonably close to the non-swash letters of your sample, but has a little less contrast.

PS: Browsing through your past postings, I noticed that you regularly ask for Type IDs without bothering to give any feedback to those who reply. I think it would be nice if you would break that habit and let us know if our reactions were helpful.

Thank you R. for identifying the font. It's always helpful if someone identifies a font. Don't know what else to say. I'm always thanking in advance because I very rarely login to typophile. Best regards.

Thanks for your reply! You’re right that there’s not that much left to say after someone has successfully and accurately identified a typeface. Still, many people (including me) appreciate a personal thank-you for their ‘work’. It’s not strictly necessary, but it’s a nice human touch, I think.

Fugas is Acta Poster Swashes, by our own DSType Foundry.
All the other fonts are from Commercial Type.

Is it really? In the preview on MyFonts, not one letter of Acta Poster Swashes matches the sample. I still think that it’s a Publico spin-off.