"Country Garden" script

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the faster one will win a chocolate

jp, or a curicana cake

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It looks very Doyald Young, except there are some weaknesses (like the color difference between the two words). And it's most probably handmade (not a font).


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On the other hand, now that you mention the "n"s, notice that the second "n" is malformed, while the first one (and every other glyph) is fine... So now I think maybe it is a font, and only that terminal "n" is a custom (and bad) mod job.

And I'm also getting a bell ringing: That "G" especially reminds me a lot of Michael Harvey's recent Tisdall font (of which I don't have a sample handy).


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I'm interested to see the answer for this one, but I can see it isn't Michael Harvey's "Tisdall Script" (see http://www.identifont.com/show?BZ for a sample showing).

It doesn't look like anything in my Script Guide either, which is why I'd like to know what it is.

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Oh, Tisdall was way off.
(Yves, how do you do a <blush> again?)


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here's a secret link


but...it's not the same

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This looks to me like it actually might be a font, not
calligraphy. If it is handmade, then it was done digitally,
not as actual hand-done lettering. I say this based on
the consistency of the arches of u and y, the bowls of a
and d, and the two r's. The difference in color between
the two words is the result of enlarging a single master.

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De gregorio 1- all typophile 0

lets play the second time

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glade fragant myst

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the only Alpine Spice that i know --- red wine

David Hamuel

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nobody know!!!!!!


i'll never know

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weird post...

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Let's just pretend it's an in-house script based on some calligraphy someone did for them once. Seems like a plausable explanation to me.

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its the second time i see this font.
the first time i see her, i was riding in bike on a rural city.

i never forger a face.
and this is a font, is not a simple calligraphy.

no one will win.

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Both 'n's are different. Probably calligraphy, like
the man said.

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Juan Pablo, where did you get this sample from?

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Glade Air Fresheners?

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> (Yves, how do you do a <blush> again?)

\clipart{blush} Elementary, my dear Watson.
It ain't rocket science!

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